NGC 7331/Stephan's Quintet

NGC7331LRGB(500).jpg (91823 bytes)

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Object Type: Spiral Galaxy (Sb)
  11' x 4'

NGC 7331 is an impressive sight in moderate to large telescopes. Above it in this image are three fainter galaxies (left to right), NGC 7337, 7340, and NGC 7335, which form a triangle. To the right of NGC 7335 is the very small and faint galaxy NCG 7336. On the lower left of the image is a group of five galaxies known as Stephan's Quintet.

Equipment: ST-10XME/Vixen 102-ED/Losmandy G-11/Gemini/Astrodon RGB filters
F-ratio: f/6.5
Exposure: LRGB: L 8 x 5 minutes, binned 1x1: R  8 x 5 minutes: G 8 x 5 minutes: B 8 x 5 minutes: RGB binned 2x2
 October 28, 2005
Landers, California, USA
Technical Notes:
 Exposures were acquired using CCDAutoPilot2 and then sigma combined. The RGB images were combined in Registar 1.0. Unsharp Mask was selectively applied to the brightest portions of the luminance image at 100% with a radius of 1 pixel and a threshold of 0 and then repeated. A Gaussian Blur of 1 pixel was applied to the dim portions of the luminance image and to the RGB image.

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