M8-M20-M21-NGC 6544-NGC 6559

M8-M20-M21LRGB2_700.jpg (694647 bytes)

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M8 and M20 are seen together in this image. M21 is the open cluster above M20, and NGC 6544 is the globular cluster to the left of M8. Above and to the left of M8 is the emisson/reflection nebula NGC 6559.

Equipment: Vixen 102-ED/TS Optics field flattener/Astrodon LRGB filters/STL-11000M/Paramount ME
F-ratio: f/6.5
 LRGB: L 34 x 10 minutes: R 41 x 10 minutes: G 46 x 10 minutes; B 43 x 10 minutes; RGB binned 2x2
 June 6, 8, 17, 19, 20, 22-29, 2014
 Landers, California, USA
Technical Notes:
Individual exposures were dithered using CCDAutoPilot5 and then combined in CCDStack2. The RGB image was duplicated twice and combined with the original using Soft Light.

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