IC 342

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Object Type: Spiral galaxy (Sc)
Constellation: Camelopardalis
Magnitude: 9.1

IC 342 is also known as Caldwell 5. It is located about 10 million light-years from our solar system. Our line of sight to the galaxy passes near the galactic equator of our own galaxy, where dust attenuates the light coming from IC 342.

Equipment: Meade 14" LX200R/STL-11000M/Astrodon LRGB filters/Paramount ME
F-ratio: f/9.5
Exposures: RGB with synthetic luminance layer: R 28 x 20 minutes; G 27 x 20 minutes; B 30 x 20 minutes; binned 2x2
Date: December 13, 18, 22-23, 2014 and January 14-15, 2015
Location: Landers, California, USA

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