Dark Nebulae in Taurus

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This image shows dark nebulae in Taurus, along with the bluish reflection LBN 782 at top right and the yellowish reflection nebula IC 2087 at center left.

Equipment: Nikkor 180mm f/2.8 lens/STL-11000M/Astrodon LRGB filters/Paramount ME
F-ratio: f/4
Exposures: LRGB: L 12 x 10 minutes: R 12 x 10 minutes: G 12 x 10 minutes: B 12 x 10 minutes: GB binned 2x2
Date: December 22-23, 2011
Location: Landers, California, USA
Technical Notes:
Individual exposures were sigma combined. The RGB image was created in Registar 1.0. Russell Croman's GradientXTerminator plug-in for Photoshop was applied to the luminance and RGB images to remove gradients. Reduce Noise was applied to the RGB image and the dim portions of the luminance image. Gaussian Blur of 1 pixel was applied to the RGB image.

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