2007 Venus-Saturn Conjunction

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On June 30, 2007, Venus and Saturn were less than a degree from each other (41 arcminutes), and could be seen in the same field of view in a small telescope.

Equipment: Celestron 102-ED/Great Polaris mount/Nikon D70
F-ratio: f/9
Exposures: 1/30 second, 1/500 second
ISO: 200
Date: June 30, 2007
Location: Riverside, California, USA
Technical Notes: Separate exposures were taken to properly expose Saturn (1/30 second) and Venus (1/500 second). Unsharp Mask was applied to Saturn with a radius of 1 pixel and a threshold of 0. The 1/500 second image was added to the 1/30 second as a Layer and the Venus image added using a selective Layer Mask with the Blend Mode set to Darken.

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